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  • Let your chicken live in a villa, save space and make money easily

    Give your poultry a five star home. Make farming easier for you. maximize profits.
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  • How to manage the chicken house environment of broilers in winter

    In the environmental management of  broiler houses in winter, firstly ensure the normal operation of heating equipment and take early warning measures for emergencies, which is the basic work of winter management. Secondly, the environmental regulation of the chicken house must be based on the fe...
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  • Motong Group successfully delivered the Indonesian ground support project

    The project is equipped with automatic feeding system, water drinking system and smart environmental control system. Our customer can enjoy high efficiency and convenience by using modern automation equipment. Motong Group is committed to providing customized solution. According to local power c...
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  • 5 ways to make eggs

    Eggs are also rich in iron, which plays a role in blood formation and oxygen transport in the human body. Eggs are an important food to maintain the beauty of the skin. The ruddy beauty of people’s face is inseparable from the iron element. Iron deficiency can lead to iron-deficiency anemia...
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  • How to get the best bird performance in hot weather

    As summer approaches, breeders are faced with the challenge of how to operate house ventilation to protect birds in extreme conditions. This article will answer some common questions that are key to managing a tunnel-ventilated house during the summer. First of all, a note about the climate cont...
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  • Important considerations for summer farming

    Whenever summer comes, farmers start to get nervous, especially when encountering high temperature and high humidity, they are always nervous. The biggest problem that farmers encounter in summer is insufficient wind speed, which is indeed the most important problem. A small problem with wind spe...
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  • Liaocheng Motong successfully delivered the second phase of Nigeria’s high-quality laying hen cage project

    Recently, Liaocheng Motong successfully delivered the second phase of Nigeria’s high-quality laying hen cage project. The first phase of the project was successfully delivered at the beginning of this year. During the use of the equipment, customers recognized Liaocheng Motong’s produ...
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  • Liaocheng Motong helps Myanmar broiler chicken cage project to be put into production smoothly!

     Recently, the Burmese broiler boutique project undertaken by Liaocheng Motong has been successfully put into production. This project is based on the concept of further improving the standardization, intensive and modern production level of the farm and realizing the concept of green and enviro...
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  • Successful production! Nigeria Phase I Stratification Project

    The first phase of the project consists of 4 rows and 4 tiers of pullet houses +5 rows and 4 tiers of layer houses. The whole set of intelligent breeding equipment of Liaocheng Motong is adopted to realize the automatic control and operation of breeding houses.   In the process of project design...
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  • Fully automatic high-end broiler breeding project in Nigeria (30,000 chickens)

    The project is designed to automatically feed and drink water for 30,000 chickens automatic manure cleaning system, automatic environmental control system, automatic birds removing system, greatly reduce labor costs, improve the breeding rate and EPI, to achieve fine management of breeding. bree...
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  • Fully automatic high-end broiler cage raising project in Nepal

    In Nepal, there is a breeding base adopting the automatic cage system of Liaocheng Motong .The base adopts Liaocheng Motong automatic cage system, which greatly improves the efficiency of breeding. Since 2019, Liaocheng Motong has established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with N...
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  • The nutritional value of eggs

    Eggs are a food that we often eat, and it is very common. There are many benefits of eating it, but many people don’t understand the specific benefits. Don’t worry, the following introduces the benefits of eating eggs and the nutritional value of eggs. If you want to know more about e...
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