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Poultry Slaughter Equipment

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Product Name: All stainless steel depilator
Model number: 65
Rated power: 3500w
Texture: 403 stainless steel
Suttle: 55KG
Rotate speed: 280(rlmin)
Boundary dimension: 730*730*910mm
Drum diameter: 64.5cm
Capacity: 8 chickens

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The slaughter equipment is suitable for the slaughter of livestock and poultry. Generally, the slaughter equipment assembly line is adopted, and the process procedures are relatively large. The scalding box in the slaughter equipment adopts a closed box structure and is heated by steam heat exchange. The water temperature can be automatically adjusted, manually controlled, With mechanical and air mixing, the body surface of poultry and livestock depilated after being scalded by professional slaughter equipment is not damaged, and the carcass is fresh.

The chicken slaughter equipment is made of a 34-roll horizontal depilator that uses the principle of positive and negative friction to form rolling depilation. At the same time, it also uses centrifugal force to shake off poultry feathers.

Chicken slaughter equipment is another main equipment for depilation of chickens, ducks and geese. It can be used alone. It is a horizontal roller structure and adopts a chain drive to make the upper and lower rows of depilation rollers rotate relative to each other to remove feathers. Horizontal The distance between the upper and lower rows of depilation rollers of the depilator can be adjusted to meet the needs of different sizes of chickens, ducks and geese.

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Quality Comparison

Our Advantages:Good quality

1.Hot galvanizing,anti-corruption performance,long usage time.
2.Reinforcing white PVC feed trough, pressure resistance,heat-proof.
3.Hot-dip galvanizing, strong corrosion resistance.
4.Good nipple drinker with stainless steel ball inside.

Others:Low quality

1.Common material cage net is easy to rust,Not durable.
2.Reinforcing black PVC feed trough,Cheap but easy to break.
3.Inferior materials, not strong, easy to be corroded.
4.Steel drinking fountain,easy to waste water.

We will provide you with the best service, thelowest price, the highest quality assurance.

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