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  • How to build a simple chicken coop yourself?

    1. According to the building structure: divided into closed type, window type, open type (open type). Open chicken houses are suitable for areas with warm and not hot climates. The temperature from morning to night is consistent with the physiological habits of chickens, and there is no heat and ...
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  • What are the common diseases of chickens?

    1. Infectious bronchitis 1 chick. There is no prodrome, and the whole group has a sudden onset at almost the same time. Initially manifested as respiratory symptoms, runny nose, tearing, facial swelling, coughing, sneezing, stretched neck and open mouth to gasp. A distinct hoarse cry was heard at...
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  • Chicken hatching methods and precautions

    There are generally two ways to hatch chicks, one is artificial hatching and the other is machine hatching. Today we mainly talk about artificial incubation. Common methods of artificial incubation Kang temperature incubation, greenhouse incubation, these two hatching methods are the most common ...
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  • What’s the difference between eggs that hatch chicks and eggs that don’t?

    The difference between eggs that can hatch chicks and eggs that can’t hatch chicks is that eggs that can hatch chicks are fertilized by a rooster, and eggs that can’t hatch are those that have not been fertilized by a rooster. Eggs, also known as chicken eggs and chickens, are eggs la...
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  • How many days does it take to hatch a chick?

    The incubation period of chickens is about 21 days, 18 days for placing, and 7 days for laying eggs. Generally, it is affected by room temperature, and there may be early or delayed hatching. Natural hatching, with hens hatching eggs, can save labor and provide suitable temperature and humidity, ...
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  • The easy way to raise chickens

    1. Prepare enough feed, try to use the feeding tray in the form of a ring, so that the chickens are grabbing Eat as much food as possible so that all chicks can eat. 2. Set up the chicken water tray. The water tray should not be too much. Generally, more water is enough to fill the water tray. To...
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  • How to raise chickens

    Temperature is critical and has a large impact on chick survival. Keep it warm, put it in a small carton, put a cloth under it, and keep a 25-degree light bulb 20 cm away from the chicken. Cover the mouth of the carton with a breathable cloth. For feeding, millet and eggs are steamed with a small...
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  • How to raise chickens with the highest survival rate?

    Newly-born chicks are small in size and weak in resistance. Farmers should do a good job in managing the chicks to improve their survival rate. Generally, chicks do not become fully functional until they are 3-4 weeks old. If you want to have the highest survival rate of raising chickens, you mus...
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  • The growth process of chickens is divided into two stages

    The growth process of chickens is divided into two stages, namely the brooding period and the rearing period. The stage where the young chickens need to be manually warmed from the shell to the temperature is called the brooding period. The young chickens at this stage are called chicks or young...
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  • How do you raise chickens? How to raise chickens?

    Chickens have poor adaptability to bad environments and are prone to disease and death. In order to improve the survival rate of chicks, let’s talk about how to raise chicks, that is, several issues that should be paid attention to when feeding chicks. 1、there must be a suitable temperatur...
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  • Where are the ears of the chick?

    The ears of chickens are located behind the eyes, above the cervical vertebrae, and are covered with flaky feathers. This is the ear canal of the chicken. A chicken’s hearing is basically done by its ears, and its skin or feet have a very weak ability to sense sound waves. Without ears, it ...
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  • The IQ of a chicken is equivalent to that of a 7-year-old human child.

    Chicks have super strong learning ability and can understand a lot of things in two weeks. They can even use sunlight to identify the position and size of objects, and how to know how to eat enough. This is something that human babies can’t achieve for a while. According to an article publ...
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