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H Type Layer Chicken Cage Hot Dipped Galvanised Chicken Egg Layer Cage Chicken Cage Poultry Farming Equipment

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1. The mesh is smooth to prevent foot injury and infection of chickens. Encryption of the partition net and the bottom net can effectively prevent the laying hen fatigue syndrome. The mesh is galvanized to increase the service life by 6-7 times.
2. High-density breeding saves land, about 50% less land than free-range breeding.
3. Centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of poultry diseases, and the unique cage door design effectively prevents the chickens from shaking their heads and wasting feed when they eat.
4. It can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the venue, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed.
5. The broiler cage is easy to assemble, convenient to feed, easy to manage, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, and increase chicken survival; reduce labor costs, realize full automatic control of feeding, feeding, drinking, cleaning, and environment, reducing workers The labor intensity is reduced, labor costs are saved, and the service life can be significantly improved.

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Chicken layer cages refer to the galvanized metallic or wire cages used in rearing a large number of chicken within a very small area. They are generally used in the layer houses since they offer very easy management for poultry farmers who would like to upgrade the farming and make a little more intensive. Many farmers are increasing preferring the chicken layer cages in Kenya due to their many numerous advantages such as ease of management of the hens along with the ease of management of the eggs laid.


According to the customers' requirements, the front-end part of the drink system can be optionally equipped with the water pressure regulators,filters, smart meters and dosers.

About the automatic feding system,it is well distributed and less consumed in feeding; It can reduce labor intensity and labor costs,but improve the efficiency;It has smooth running ,low noise,but a long lifespan.


1.10groups relay input,can control 6 groups of fans.

2.Access to 6 temperature sensors,2 humidity sensors, 1 ammonia gas sensors

Conveyor belt type of the automatic manure removing system can reduce the labor intensity and labor costs,make it convenient to clean up manure timely,keep the chicken house dry and improve the manure utilization.


Our company egg collecting system is divided into vertical and horizontal series, scientific and rational in structure, superior in quality. It is ideal for upgrading equipment selection.

Aluminized zinc wire mesh:
Corrosion resistance thereof is 3-4times of that of ordinary hot galvanized wire mesh

● Sliding cage door:
lt is limited tobending, convenient in operationand good for taking the chickens inand out;

● Bottom wire:
lt has a slope of 7degrees and high elasticity due tobeing installed on the tension wire,and protects the eggs during fallingand rolling;

● Egg protective damper:
lt preventsthe chickens pecking eggs, andavoids chicken manure falling on thetrough on bottom layer;


Laying cage
● Aluminized zinc wire mesh, 3-4 times the corrosion resistance of ordinary hot-dip galvanized wire mesh;
● Push-pull cage door: equivalent to a sliding grille, with plastic parts limiting, easy to operate, and conducive to the transfer of chickens in and out;
● The bottom net is installed on a tensioned steel wire, which has great elasticity and can greatly reduce broken eggs, dirty eggs and cracked eggs;
● There are egg protection baffles inside the troughs on both sides to prevent chickens from pecking eggs and at the same time to prevent chicken manure from splashing into the lower trough;


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