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Chicken layer cages refer to the galvanized metallic or wire cages used in rearing a large number of chicken within a very small area. They are generally used in the layer houses since they offer very easy management for poultry farmers who would like to upgrade the farming and make a little more intensive. Many farmers are increasing preferring the chicken layer cages in Kenya due to their many numerous advantages such as ease of management of the hens along with the ease of management of the eggs laid.



1. High Production – Egg production is much higher as chicken conserve their energy for production.

2. Reduced Infections – Chicken have no direct access to their faeces and thus no serious health hazard.

3. Reduced Loss From Eggs Breakages – Chickens have no contact with their eggs which simply roll out.

4. Less Labor Intensive – Automated watering system and simplified, less labour intensive feeding process.

5. Reduced Wastage – There is less wastage on animal feeds, and proper feed ratio per chicken.

6. Reduced Shrinkage & Pilferage – In the battery cage, the farmer can easily count his chicken at any time.

7. Pure Manure – It is much easier to evacuate the waste in the battery cage system unlike the deep litter which is much more stressful. The pure manure is also sold at a premium price.

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Multi-layer chicken coops means that they have a four-story design. Many farms now use such chicken coops, and they are also widely used when raising poultry in the family. Such chicken coops are divided into different sizes, so both large chickens and brooding chickens can use them, which must be designed according to the actual situation. When designing such a multi-layer chicken cage, the most used material is stainless steel, because such materials have many performance characteristics. The most obvious is that they have strong corrosion resistance and their hardness. Moderate, in this way, they will have greater bearing capacity and will not be deformed when in use.

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