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Poultry Equipment Floor Raising System with Automatic Feeding System for Sale

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●The material volume adjustment of the external seasoning tray is divided into 5 gears, and the rest of the trays are 10 gears;
●The material door switch can adjust the output volume until the material tray is closed;
●Convenient, fast and accurate way of adjusting the discharge amount;
●The bottom of the plate can be removed and placed on the ground to be used as a feeding plate for chicks;
●The v-shaped corrugated plate bottom can reduce the amount of material stored at the bottom of the plate, and the chicks can eat freshly, preventing the chicks from lying in the pan for a long time to eat or rest;
●The edge of the feed pan is inclined to the center of the pan to avoid waste caused by spilled feed;
●Smooth the inwardly inclined outer edge to prevent broiler crops from being injured, and to eat safely and comfortably;
●The installation method of the material pan on the material pipe is divided into two types: fixed type and swing type.

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