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What is the best piece of chicken?

Chicken is one of the animals we often eat, and there are many parts of the chicken that can be eaten. Such as chicken wings, chicken feet, chicken necks, chicken legs, etc. When we were young, adults always left chicken thighs for us to eat. Chicken legs are like the soul of a chicken, and the body will be better after eating. In fact, the most worthy part of a chicken is neither the drumstick nor the feet or wings.

Although chicken is not the most sold, it is almost the most common meat, and it is also the meat that people of all ethnic groups in the country do not have many taboos for. Many of my friends around me don’t eat animal meat, they only eat poultry meat. So chicken is a must-order meat when we have dinner together. The family also likes to eat chicken. Our roast chicken is very famous here. The owner of the shop sells dozens of chickens early every day.


Chicken is really good. Not only is it rich in nutrients, it has the effect of nourishing and replenishing the body, but also the price is favorable, and the cooking methods are various. The most important thing is that eating chicken is not easy to gain weight.

A chicken whole body treasure, let’s see together, what are the best parts of a chicken?

1. Chicken breast

Chicken breast is the meat with the highest protein content in chicken, and it is relatively low in fat, making it a very healthy meat. Many people who lose weight will choose to eat chicken breast, which can not only pass the mouth addiction, but also does not affect the great cause of weight loss. If there is a disadvantage, chicken breast really has one, that is, it is hard to chew.

2. Chicken thigh

When I was a child, as long as the family ate chicken, there would always be one of my chicken thighs, and my mouth was full of oil. Chicken thighs are juicy and tender, which is the first choice for chicken dishes. It’s just that the fat content of this chicken thigh is a bit high. When friends who mind make this, it is best to remove the skin.


3. Chicken wings

Chicken wings are one of my favorites. You have to eat several pairs of grilled chicken wings each time to be full. The taste that is fragrant outside and tender inside is really unforgettable for a long time. A complete chicken wing is divided into three parts: wing root, wing middle, and wing tip. The best is in the wings, just right.


4. Chicken gizzards

We have a shop here that specializes in chicken gizzards. The taste is very good, and we have to make an appointment every time. Chicken gizzards are actually the “stomach” of chickens. After they are cleaned, they are great for stir-frying or as side dishes. Chicken gizzards are all lean meat, which is very enjoyable to eat, especially chewy.

5. Chicken liver

The children in the family had some anemia for a period of time and needed iron supplementation. The doctor asked us to give the children more animal livers. The effect of iron supplementation is better. After choosing, I still chose chicken liver. The effect of iron supplementation is better, and the taste is lighter than other animal livers. In fact, chicken liver can not only supplement iron, but also rich in vitamin A. But animal liver should not be eaten too much.

6. Chicken feet

Chicken feet are snacks, chicken feet are snacks. This is the image of chicken feet in my mind. In fact, even though the chicken feet are relatively small, the fat content is quite a lot. It is very suitable as a snack to kill time. It is best to eat pickled peppers.

Post time: Jul-14-2022

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