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The timing and benefits of a chick cutoff

Chickens’ fighting behavior is innate. In order to prevent the formation of slashing addiction and reduce the casualty rate caused by slicing, the chickens need to cut their beaks, which can also save feed consumption. So when is the best time for a chick to cut its beak?

Why do chicks have their beaks cut off?

The purpose of beak cutting is to reduce chicken feather pecking, anus pecking, and fights. In many cases, farmers only cut off their beaks once. In order to prevent feather pecking in the later stage, if the beaks are severed, this kind of beak damage and falling off may occur. ‎Condition.

‎For some large-scale farms, laser beak trimming is generally selected when the chicks are hatched. As such chicks grow, the front end of the beak will automatically fall off.

With the growth, the beaks will be slightly broken again in about two months, and the chickens will be given eyes in about three months, and they will be sold in about five months. Chickens are generally more beautiful in color, and the growth of the beak is similar and relatively complete, which does not affect the appearance.

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When is the best time to cut a chick’s beak?

Beak cutting is generally carried out at 6 to 10 days of age. At this time, beak cutting is less stressful to chicks and easy to operate. When the physical condition of the chicks is not very good, we can postpone the pecking time later, but since the general flock may have the habit of pecking each other around 35 days of age, the first break must be completed before this. beak. Before the young chickens are transferred to the laying hen cage, the individual chickens that have not been successfully cut off the beak for the first time can be repaired by breaking the beak again.

Chicken beak cutting method

Decapitation of chickens can be done with one hand, but it is very easy for the hand to be unstable, causing it to be crooked or too hot. Therefore, it is recommended to operate with two hands.

During the specific operation, use the index fingers of both hands to gently support the chin, press the thumb to the back of the head, and then press the beak toward the blade.

After the beak is cut off, slightly “rub” the beak on the blade in the direction horizontal to the blade, so that the front part of the cut beak is rounder and will not have direct edges and corners. , so that it is convenient for chickens to eat, and the beaks of chickens in the later period are also more beautiful. 2 The length of the severed beak.

Local chickens have relatively high requirements on the selling phase. If the beak is excessively cut off decisively, the customer sees that the beak part is more incomplete, and generally they are reluctant to buy it, or affect the selling price. ‎It is recommended to cut off the beak, just cut off the extra tip of the beak before the beak.

It is generally recommended to cut off one-third of the upper beak and one-quarter of the lower beak, rather than the theoretical upper half of the beak and one-third of the lower beak. It is safer to cut the beak in this way, because in the process of burning, the transmission of heat will damage the beak. If it is cut too much, it will directly damage the nerves. The chicken’s beak will drop off.

Beak trimming ‎Notes:

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1 ‎Beak trimming‎ stress.

The stress of beak cutting is relatively large, and it is generally recommended that after the chickens have been vaccinated and the chickens return to normal, they should be carried out, so as to reduce the stress and stimulation. At the same time, vitamin K and electrolysis of multi-vitamins are added to the water to reduce stress response.

2 ‎Change the feeding method.

After the beak is cut off, it is necessary to keep enough feed in the feed barrel, and it is not recommended to control feed. During the feed control process, when the feed is low, the chickens peck the bottom of the feed tube, and the collision between the damaged beak and the feed tube will greatly stimulate the chickens.

It is recommended to feed throughout the day to ensure that there is enough feed in the feeder to reduce the local irritation caused by the chickens feeding.

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