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The benefits of hatching chicks with a large incubator

Eggs are a common ingredient on the table, I believe everyone loves them. We all know that eggs are eggs laid by hens and are rich in nutritional value. For the hatching of chicks, it is actually a very natural process, which is completed by the hens alone. But as consumer demand for chicken increases, chicks are also being hatched artificially. So, do you know the benefits of artificial hatching?


The benefits of artificial hatching

1. The hatching of chicks includes natural hatching and artificial hatching. The hatching time of eggs is about 21 days. Because of the influence of temperature, the hatching time of chicks may be earlier or later.

2. The body temperature of hens is relatively high. When the eggs leave the hens, the eggs will be in a dormant state because the room temperature is not as high as that of the hens. At this time, the eggs are active, and the hens can rely on their own body temperature to make them develop into embryos. The chicks will hatch in about 21 days, but the productivity of the hens to hatch eggs naturally is relatively low. It is said that a hen can hatch ten eggs, and the incubation temperature is more difficult to control. The scale of artificial hatching eggs can realize the production mode, and the hatching temperature can be well controlled, which can increase the hatching rate of eggs.

2. Conditions for artificial egg hatching

Eggs for artificial hatching should be made of native eggs, that is, eggs laid by local breeds of native chickens, rather than eggs laid by broiler chickens on the market. In addition, it must be hatched with fertilized eggs. If the eggs are not fertilized, the chicks will not hatch. Eggs produced by hens are not necessarily fertilized, and are detected with special equipment or physical methods.


3. What are the methods of artificially hatching eggs?

There are also many methods of artificially hatching eggs. The more traditional method is the method of incubating chickens on the heated kang, also known as the fire-controlled hatching method. It is to put a quilt on the heated kang, and then spread the straw or rice to hatch the eggs. There is the use of kerosene lamp incubators to hatch eggs and so on. No matter which method is used, the temperature of incubation should be controlled.

It is very hard for mother chickens to hatch eggs. When hens hatch eggs, they usually lie on the eggs for more than 20 days, during which they occasionally forage for food, and the hatching yield is relatively low. However, the current chicken farms use electric incubating eggs, the temperature is easier to control, and the step of manually turning the eggs is omitted, which is not only very intelligent, but also very efficient.

Post time: Jul-15-2022

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