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Safe breeding of laying hens

1. Summer is coming, and as the temperature continues to rise, the electricity consumption in various places will also continue to increase. In order to ensure safe and stable farming, please pay attention to the voltage changes of the farm at any time. If there are abnormal voltage fluctuations, please contact the local electric power bureau in time to avoid losses caused by abnormal voltage. (Note: Please be equipped with a leakage protection main switch that matches the power load of the chicken house, and perform a button protection test on the main switch every 3-5 days. The best detection time is 15:00-16:00 in the afternoon.)


2. In order to detect and eliminate electrical faults in time and ensure the normal operation of the farm equipment, please arrange relevant personnel to conduct alarm function detection once a day for the power failure, phase loss, high and low temperature of the alarm, and tripping of the tail fan, so as to avoid the occurrence of faults. Alarms due to equipment failure or signal line failure cannot be output. Also, keep the alarm on! (The battery storage capacity of the alarm should be checked regularly. The detection method is to measure the DC voltage with a multimeter. If the display is lower than 12v, replace the battery in time. Note: It is not recommended to use the battery for more than two years!)


3. If there is abnormally high temperature weather, the temperature in the front and rear operation rooms of the chicken house will exceed the standard. In view of this situation, it is recommended to check the cooling fan in the control box every day to check whether the cooling fan operates normally within the set temperature and whether the air inlet is blocked. In addition, the condition of the house cables should be checked regularly. (The cables in the chicken coop are easily eaten by mice. If this happens, in addition to timely handling the damaged cables, the chicken coop should be strengthened to prevent rodents.)


4. It is recommended that the farms strengthen nighttime inspections (it is recommended to inspect once an hour, the duty room should not be too far away from the breeding area, and the sound of the alarm horn can effectively remind the breeding personnel) to avoid breeding accidents caused by failure to detect the alarm in time. Customers are requested to take lightning protection measures and equipped with lightning protection equipment to prevent electrical equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes.

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Post time: Jan-25-2022

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