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With the advancement of science and technology, broiler chicken farming has entered a new era of digitalization. Large-scale has become the general trend. It has abandoned the mess and disorder of free-range breeding, and has become simpler, more reliable, environmentally friendly, and efficient. The intelligent breeding of  broiler chickens is cleaner, sterile, healthy and delicious!

Based on millions of data samples of broiler chicken growth, Liaocheng Motong independently developed an automated cage system for broilers, and optimized the design in all aspects from ventilation, lighting, environmental control, feeding, and manure removal to provide the most comfortable chickens. growth environment. This is the key to raising chickens well!


Fully automatic digital control, chicks enjoy a comfortable life


Digital feeding, according to the age of the day, the feed is added proportionally, the chickens are full and strong every day


Automatic manure cleaning system to keep the cage clean and sterile


Nipple drinker, chicks are self-sufficient as soon as the water is pecked out



Post time: Jan-21-2022

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