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Incubation conditions for chickens5

Drying eggs Drying eggs has a positive physiological effect. Drying the eggs properly lowers the temperature can achieve the purpose of thorough ventilation,

entering the embryos and dissipating heat, and enhancing the cold resistance and vitality of the embryos.

In general areas, from the 5th day after the eggs are hatched, the eggs are dried once a day in the morning and evening.


In areas with relatively high altitudes, the eggs are aired twice a day at the embryonic age of 5-11 days,

or 3 times a day from the embryonic age of the 11th day to the day before they are placed on the plate,

and the hatching effect is good. The egg drying time is generally half an hour. When the embryo is well developed,

the egg drying time can be as long as 1 hour before the egg temperature can be lowered.



Post time: Jun-09-2022

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