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Cute chick composition

I raised a little chicken last year with beige fluff and a small mouth. It is lively and cute, and also very naughty. It especially loves to follow closely behind others, but if you stop suddenly, it will not react. , It will slip somersault, which makes people laugh. Sometimes, I will take it to play in the yard, but there are many stray cats in the yard. When they see the chicks, they will stare intently, ready to rush to take a bite at any time. So, just in case, every time I take a chicken out, I will definitely bring a stick

One month later, my little chicken has grown a small red comb and a yellow fluff. It is even more beautiful! When I take it out again, it will peck when it sees a hole. It’s too busy for a moment Idle. Well, the courage is getting bigger and bigger, if you kick it, it will immediately fight back without showing weakness, and peck your foot vigorously


Once I put the chicken on the cabinet and wanted to build a warm nest for it. When I turned around to get something, it quickly followed. At this time, I suddenly realized that it was neither falling off. Did not fall. It turned out to be floating down! It turned out that my little chicken has grown up, and the wings are not full of fruit and velvet pens, and the feathers are growing beautifully!


Whenever it plays on its own, it will step away and walk with its head high and chest tall, like a big cock.

My little chicken has grown up gradually, leaving me full of happy memories.

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Post time: Nov-10-2021

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