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Chicken raising tips, farmers must know

Raising chickens is also a science. Many large chicken farmers have experience in raising chickens, and their chickens always grow well. In fact, most experienced chicken breeders will have some chicken raising skills, which can avoid many detours in the process of raising chickens, so today I will introduce 6 chicken raising skills to you.

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material saving

The laying hens are required to be fed twice a day, high-energy, high-protein, low-calcium feed in the morning, and low-protein, low-energy, high-calcium feed in the evening, which can adjust the laying cycle and increase egg production. , while saving feed.

See chicken manure and know chicken disease

If the chicken manure is chocolate-colored, first consider coccidiosis; if the manure is light green, consider general viral diseases; if the manure is dark green or even black-green, consider severe viral diseases; if the manure is white and easily sticks to the chicken butt, consider pullorum .

egg color

Adding 0.3% red chili powder, 6% sun-dried and crushed alfalfa leaf powder and 5% pine needle powder to the chicken’s daily diet can deepen the color of the egg yolk.

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Eggs in summer

The main factor for the low egg production of chickens in summer is due to the heat, so measures and equipment for preventing heatstroke and cooling must be provided. Among them, frying the chicken feathers properly is the most effective method. Preserve the feathers on the neck, back, and tail. The length of shearing should not damage the skin and body of the chicken, and it should not be cut completely.


weight gain

Within 24 hours after hatching, before the chicken starts to eat, trimming the comb can improve the growth rate in the future, reduce the problem of comb pecking in adulthood, and increase the egg production by more than 4%. This is not recommended for some native chickens that sell poorly after trimming their combs.

long storage eggs

When storing eggs, the tip of the egg should be upward, so that the yolk can be located in the center of the egg, preventing the embryo from sticking together, which can improve the long-term storage and hatching rate of the egg.

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