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Are chicken ancestors dinosaurs?

The ancestors of chickens are dinosaurs, but chickens did not evolve from Tyrannosaurus rex. Chickens belong to birds. Scientists generally believe that birds evolved from the theropods in dinosaurs.

And Tyrannosaurus rex, although it also belongs to the theropod order Saurischian, does not mean that the same suborder is the same creature. Maybe chickens and Tyrannosaurus rex have the same ancestor, and there may be a little blood between them. relationship, or you can call them “distant relatives”, but you can’t think that Tyrannosaurus rex is the ancestor of chickens.


origin of chicken

The ancestor of the domestic chicken is called the raw chicken. The raw chicken is light and can fly. Roosters like to perch on trees and sing. They are distributed in the South Asian subcontinent from Pakistan to the Indo-China Peninsula, and to Java Island and Sumatra Island in the south; Yunnan Province, Guangxi Province and Hainan Island in my country are distributed.

Chicken bones were also found at the Banpo Yangshao Cultural Site in Xi’an more than 6,000 years ago. It has been identified as a bird of the genus Gallus. It shows that the genus Gallagher was also distributed in the Yellow River Basin at that time. The transformation of jungle chickens into domestic chickens is the result of human beings making use of biological variability and purposefully selecting domestication according to different needs. It is a recognized fact that the domestication of domestic chickens is the earliest in Asia. my country is one of the earliest countries in the world to raise chickens.

Post time: Jul-18-2022

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